Henvey Inlet Wind

Nigig Power Corporation (NPC) and Pattern Development are jointly developing the Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Centre (HIWEC). In 2010, Henvey Inlet First Nation (HIFN) incorporated NPC for the sole purpose of developing a wind energy centre. NPC partnered with Pattern Development in 2014 to complete development and bring the HIWEC to operation.

HIWEC is a 300 MW wind energy centre. The site is 100% HIFN's Reserve No. 2 lands about 20 minutes south of the village on French River #13. During the development phase, the team hosted multiple events to provide the community with opportunities to meet representatives of Pattern Development, NPC and the construction team, as well as learn about HIWEC, ask questions and provide comments.

In February, March, July and August of 2015, Henvey Inlet Wind LP (HIW) hosted community and public information centres to provide an opportunity for HIFN members and the public to learn about the Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Centre (HIWEC) and the Henvey Inlet Wind transmission line, meet with the HIW team, and submit feedback on the proposed energy centre and transmission line route. To view the Information Boards presented at those meetings, as well as the HIWEC and Transmission Line description reports, please visit our Documents page.

We look forward to meeting with members of the community and are interested in hearing ideas on ways we can better collaborate and engage community members.