Parry Sound 33 Fire

We are deeply saddened by the devastating wildfires affecting the Georgian Bay area and are concerned by the impact that the Parry Sound 33 fire is having on our neighbours in the region. 

Our foremost concern is for the safety and health of residents, first responders and workers. We commend the bravery and commitment of the first responders who have tirelessly worked to combat this fire in unforgiving conditions.

We and our construction contractor, CER, are in full support of emergency responders and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and have offered our resources to assist in emergency efforts.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. The project has stringent fire safety protocols in place, as required by various authorities. We are fully cooperating and supporting the MNRF as they conduct their investigation.

Construction activity at the wind project site on Henvey Inlet Reserve No. 2 is currently shut down. Work at the wind project site and full transmission line work will only resume when the area is deemed safe and has been cleared for work by MNRF.

We have been reaching out to the surrounding communities to see how we can be of further assistance during this emergency. Our assistance has included providing accommodations to evacuees in need, gift cards to help them purchase essential needs, and passes to various venues to keep children entertained. 

If you are from the impacted area and need assistance, please call us at (855) 464-9872 or email

MNRF Fire Resources

Fire information:   

For general information: 705-564-6165

For inquiries about the travel restrictions:

Henvey Inlet Wind

Nigig Power Corporation (a subsidiary of Henvey Inlet First Nation) and Pattern Development are equal partners for the Henvey Inlet Wind project. The management team of Henvey Inlet Wind LP includes Ken Noble (President, Nigig Power Corporation) and Frank Davis (Country Head, Canada, Pattern Development).  The Henvey Inlet Wind construction brochure provides information about the wind project. The route for the transmission line runs south from Henvey Inlet First Nation and follows along the Hwy. 69 corridor in some areas. More information can be found in the transmission line brochure.