The Henvey Inlet Wind Project

Henvey Inlet Wind is a one-of-a-kind partnership between the Nigig Power Corporation - a subsidiary of Henvey Inlet First Nation - and Pattern Development.


The project is creating hundreds of jobs in the Georgian Bay area and will have a significant impact on our local economy. To learn more about this remarkable project, click here. We'll post a bi-weekly update of our construction activities under Latest News, and you can sign up here to receive our e-newsletter updates.

In addition to browsing this site, you can learn more about the Henvey Inlet Wind project in the construction brochure and more about its affiliated transmission line project in the transmission line brochure 

Parry Sound 33

We commend the bravery and commitment of the first responders who tirelessly worked to combat the fire in unforgiving conditions. For more information, visit our Parry Sound 33 page.