Supporting our Community

Henvey Inlet Wind, along with its owners - Nigig Power Corporation, which is 100% owned by the Henvey Inlet First Nation, and Pattern Canada- place value on playing an active role in supporting and investing in the local community.

If you have suggestions for community sponsorships or local causes we should support, please let us know.

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We Proudly Support

53rd Annual Britt Winter Carnival

Britt Public School - Breakfast Program

Robinson Huron Treaty Gathering - Shawanaga First Nation

Henvey Inlet First Nation - Traditional Pow Wow

Sundance - 6th Annual Rattlechild Sundance

Wiigwaas Youth Camp

Shawanaga First Nation Traditional Powwow

Henvey Inlet First Nation Day Care


Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

A globally-important region designated by UNESCO in 2004. Eastern Georgian Bay is the world’s largest freshwater archipelago, or groups of islands, that provide a variety of habitats for species at risk. GBBR is a non-profit organization that works with dozens of community partners to provide environmental education through conservation, and to create vibrant and sustainable communities.