Construction began in 2017 and will continue for 18 - 24 months. The power generation component of the HIWEC will consist of infrastructure including 87 Vestas 3.45 MW wind turbines, transformers, a 34.5 kV electrical collection system, communication lines, meteorological towers, access roads, an operation and maintenance building and a project substation. During construction, equipment lay down yards and parking areas will also be needed.

The transmission line component of the HIWEC will be largely outside of the reserve boundaries and will link the project to the Hydro One Network. The routing of the transmission line is still being determined but is anticipated to be primarily on Crown Land with some sections on Federal Reserve Lands.

We will use local workers and subcontractors to the greatest extent possible to construct, operate and maintain the HIWEC. Subcontractors will be engaged to conduct civil work (grading, excavation, concrete), electrical work and mechanical assembly. Typical personnel requirements include construction managers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, and general laborers for assembly and civil work. For Current Employment Opportunities, please visit our Employment page

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