Location                                    District of Parry Sound
Length                                       Approximately 104 kms
Number of Wooden Poles      1,120 (B.C. Douglas Fir)
Number of Steel Poles            78
Wooden Pole Height               Up to 61 metres
Steel Pole Height                     Up to 49 metres
Pole Spacing                            Approximately 200 metres
Construction Start                   Q1 2018
Construction End                     Q2 2019
Construction Contractor         PowerTel


The Transmission Line will deliver electricity generated by Henvey Inlet Wind (HIW) to the Ontario electricity grid. 

  • Travel south from Henvey Inlet First Nation Reserve #2, generally parallel to Highway 69/400 before diverting southeast from Highway 69/400 at Woods Road to the existing 500 kV Hydro One corridor.
  • Follows the existing 500 kV Hydro One corridor to the point of interconnection*
  • Connects to the Hydro One system at the 230 kV line southeast of Parry Sound

*Voltage 230 kV will require a Switching Station at the Point of Interconnection to the Hydro One transmission system.


Construction Schedule*




Right of Way (ROW) Clearing December, 2017 April, 2018
Civil Foundation Construction January, 2018 November, 2018
Pole Installation & Framing January, 2018 January, 2019
Conductor & Optic Ground Wire (OPGW) Stringing April, 2018 February, 2019
Fibre Splicing & Testing May, 2018 February, 2019
Access Construction/Maintenance December, 2017 March, 2019
Counterpoise Installation June, 2018 Spring, 2019
Clean-up & Restoration August, 2018 Spring, 2019
Land Restoration October, 2018 Spring, 2019

*Schedule subject to change