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Henvey Inlet Wind
295 Pickerel River Road
Pickerel, ON P0G 1J0

Local Office: (705) 857-5265
Inquiry Toll Free: (855) 464-9872 
(Telephone line monitored 24/7)

General Inquiries:
Media Inquiries:

Construction Site Direct:

Henvey Inlet Wind: (705) 207-1581
(HIFN IR no. 2) 
HIW Transmission Line: (705) 207-.1581 or (705) 521-4910 
(south of Parry Sound to north of Britt) 

First Nation Liaisons

Providing assistance with cultural awareness, employee assistance, communications, public relations, Aboriginal job recruitment and retention.

CER - Dmitri Ashawasegai, Henvey Inlet First Nation
(705) 690-9799

AECOM/CER - Jennifer Pereira, Henvey Inlet First Nation

Powertel - Melissa Bob
(249) 878-1701