Job Creation and Stable Income

The Henvey Inlet Wind project began in 2017 and brought hundreds of jobs to the local community over the course of construction. The project will have a lasting, positive impact on the Georgian Bay area's economy.

Key Facts:

  • over 1,000 new jobs in the Georgian Bay area during peak construction
  • More than 20 permanent jobs during operations
  • More than 100 indirect jobs through expansion of Henvey Inlet Band programs and services
  • Long-term, stable revenue for Henvey Inlet First Nation


HIFN Band Benefits

A number of additional spin off benefits will be gained from the Henvey Inlet First Nation revenues. The uses will be determined solely by the Henvey Inlet Band, including its Chief, Council and Membership, and may:

  • Expand Band services in the areas of: Health, Education, Elder Services and Support, Youth Services and Support, Language Instruction and retention and Housing
  • Reinvest in local business expansion
  • Reinvest in new research, development and business development
  • Pay Band Members as a “dividend”
  • Subsidize hydro bills