Construction Activities

Despite the cold temperatures, our team has been hard at work on the Henvey Inlet Wind site. Here is what our construction team has accomplished to date:

• Access roads completed - 99%
• Turbine foundations poured - 81 of 87
• Wind turbines installed - 30 of 87
• Collector system cable install completed - 46%
• Permanent met tower installations completed -100%
• Foundation work at the south substation completed - 100%
• Foundation work at the north substation completed - 45%

Planned Activities:
• The delivery of turbines and parts continues
• Wind turbine installation continues
• Collector system cable installation continues
• Foundation work at the north substation continues
• Electrical work at the south substation commences
Transmission line construction resumed on January 2nd. Currently, 381 of the 586 structures are up and stringing is complete in six sections along Highway 69.

Work at the entrances to the access roads and stringing will continue. Pole setting and pole framing continues along Highway 69 through the Township of the Archipelago and Still River off McDougall and Kirkham Roads, and south of Highway 124 in the Municipality of McDougall.

Construction activity at the switching station located at Otter Lake is well underway with the enclosure building in place and the majority of switches and equipment now set.

To see the full project area, please visit our Site Map page.

Public Safety Notices:

Keeping the public and our workers safe is our number one priority. Crews are currently working in the area between Kirkham Rd. and the Bunny trail, along Highway 69 north and south of Pointe Au Baril and on Henvey Inlet Reserve no. 2.

Please exercise caution and refrain from traveling through this area with recreational vehicles. Construction activities are in progress along the transmission line right-of-way near local OFSC trails.

PowerTel crews have been installing portable grounds along the transmission line to discharge any static build up along the lines to protect our workers from potential electrical hazards. As additional project activities begin along the transmission corridor, PowerTel's skilled trades workers are following safe work practices and specific grounding procedures to mitigate increased electrical hazards that may result from the induction of the high voltage transmission lines.

In accordance with permit requirements and prudent construction industry practices, we have installed maximum 70 km/h orange signs in work zones on a temporary basis.  Highway signage is regulated by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.  The Ministry of Transportation - Ontario has instructed that we not cover any of the existing white maximum 90 km/h signs, which may lead to confusion regarding the speed limits on certain sections of highway.  Please follow safe driving practises by lowering your speed in bad weather, heavy traffic and through construction zones. 

We will continue to keep the community updated on construction activities as work progresses. Sign up here to receive construction updates through our e-newsletter.