Construction Activities

Construction has resumed with over 500 workers returning to their jobs in areas of the Henvey Inlet Reserve that were not affected by the fire. Construction on the wind project is 45% complete and construction on the transmission line is 32% complete.

We require our contractors responsible for construction work on the site – CER and Powertel – to strictly adhere to the MNRF’s Industrial Operations Protocol. Out of an abundance of caution, we have also voluntarily put in place enhanced fire-prevention measures. These measures include soaking down work areas, extended fire watches, and increased access to fire suppression equipment.

We have also retained a dedicated helicopter to be located onsite during these exceptionally dry conditions, with a standby crew. This helicopter is outfitted with fire suppression equipment and will be able to response rapidly should any fires be discovered at or near the project site.

Here is a summary of planned construction activities for the wind project site over the coming two weeks:

  • Drilling and road works will continue
  • Foundation work is occurring 
  • Wind turbine components are being delivered (towers, hubs, nacelles and drivetrains)
  • Wind turbines are being installed 
  • Trenching is beginning for the collector system
  • Civil prep and bedding for the south substation 
  • The foundation for the transformer is being prepared

Work on the transmission line will continue with workers clearing the Right-of-Way, drilling and preparing foundations, and delivering and setting the wood and steel poles.
The safety of our workers, our neighbouring communities, and the environment is our top priority. We will continue to keep the community updated on construction activities as work progresses. Sign up here to receive construction updates through our e-newsletter.