Henvey Inlet Wind Overview

  • 300 MW wind energy generation
  • 20,000-acre project area with less than 500-acre permanent footprint 
  • Power equivalent of more than 100,000 Ontario homes
  • More than $10 million generated annually for the Henvey Inlet First Nation 
  • 18 - 24 month construction period
  • Average of 300 workers on-site throughout project construction 
  • Up to 500 workers on-site during peak construction periods
  • More than 20 permanent jobs during operations
  • More than 100 indirect jobs as the Band's programs and services expand
  • Preliminary construction start Q2 2017 
  • Target operations start Q2 2019

Wind Energy Benefits

  • Generates long-term, stable revenue for Henvey Inlet First Nation
  • Stimulates the local and regional economy
  • Creates local job opportunities 
  • Provides an inexhaustible, clean, renewable energy resource
  • Benefits the environment and helps fight climate change
  • Compatible with mixed land use